The Ann Wigmore Institute chooses Venture Valley

The world-renowned Ann Wigmore Institute of Puerto Rico chose Venture Valley as the host site for their u.s. educational program this August.

“When we decided to pilot this new introductory program in the United States, we obviously had a wide variety of event sites to choose from all over the country,” says Winifert Lawson-Graves, Vice President of Marketing & Development at AWI. “But once we visited Venture Valley, and toured their beautiful grounds, and saw their overnight accomodations, meeting facilities, and professional-grade culinary kitchen, we knew this had to be our event’s location.”

The 50 acres of redwood forest here at Venture Valley creates a very healing environment for these individuals. Our pool, hot tub and sauna serves as a compliment to the healing and learning process’. Participants will take part in a 4-day ‘Living Foods Lifestyle’ program. The program will teach the benefits and preparation of living foods. There will also be daily yoga classes and health seminars.

Living Foods are preferably organically-grown and prepared without cooking. The cooking process destroys the enzymes in food which aid our body with the assimilation of nutrients. While raw foods are difficult to digest for many, living foods are prepared in a way that allows for easier digestion and absorption while maximizing enzyme utility. The ‘Living Foods Lifestyle’ program supports it’s participants in making the transition to a live food lifestyle.

We look forward to hosting this wonderful retreat.

You can read more about this retreat by visiting:

Visit Venture Valley (the host site) by visiting:

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